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"The world is in an eternal current: everything flows, everything perpetually changes. It is impossible to step into the same river twice."


Landscapes were for a long time the preferred theme in my compositions. They reflected both real and imagined travel experiences. Perhaps because I was born in Mar del Plata and lived my childhood and adolescence in Tigre, water had a strong presence in those landscapes.

Photography has accompanied my productions both as a model and "for the possibility of capturing - forgetting myself - in a fraction of a second, the emotion that the subject gives off and the beauty of the form" according to the words of Cartier Bresson that I share.

After a trip to the City of Venice those landscapes were transformed.

The work began to focus on what contorts on the surface of the water while it is essentially invisible. In its constant movement, it sustains the image of what is reflected and transforms it into a singular abstraction.

Color is the main protagonist of these experiences and practically the only thing we see. Sometimes, exploding and unfolding in a thousand chaotic forms that challenge the viewer. Others, timidly shedding their chromaticism until becoming subtle (whimsical) forms in gray scale.

I am deeply attracted to focusing my gaze on the surface of the water and observing the effects of light and objects that, when mirrored in it, create a colorful and zigzagging world that exerts an almost hypnotic effect. At the same time, it challenges me to discover what lies beneath the surface.

In each brushstroke I experience the flow of the vital element, which cradles me with that force that seems to come from deep within, and I relive the sensation of well-being and calm that the contemplation of nature produces in me in its flirtation with the productions of the human being.

In t most recent works, black took the place of colors. Applied with thick brushstrokes it gave the surface texture and opacity. That opacity that seemed at times, to cover everything. Our hearts and our dreams. Humanity shuddered…and, perhaps as a reflection of this, the water in the paintings became slow and dark, also sad.

However, timidly, as if pushed by the force of life that comes from the depths, soft undulations appear between the multiple textures of the painting on the mirrored background. They catch the light and make the image glow and appear to move. They alternate with shadows and reflections illuminating the whole that, as in a dance, accompany the viewer on their way contemplating the work.


It Flows, slowly, everything flows...

Superficie XIX - 2017 - 120 x 100 cm editado editado.jpg
Superficie XVIII - 120 cm x 90 cm - Acrilico sobre tela.jpg
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